"Heathcliff", 30 x 22", acrylic on paper

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Collaborations with Staci Sipe were energetic and had a life of their own.

Staci Sipe visited today. 

In 1982, '83 and '84, Staci and I created "Summer Dreams of Bathing Beauties", "The Engagement Picnic" and "Mexican Honeymoon". We met in Graduate #Art School at UT, Austin and began our collaboration with #Women & Their Work when they got an NEA Grant for Art in Public Places. We built the first piece, a group of 8 cut outs to be placed in space to appear as a painting by me from one side and a painting by Staci from the other side. We collaborated on the cutout plywood drawing and cutting completely. Our first debut with the piece was at a park in downtown Austin,Texas with the other Women & Their Work projects. It took off from there. We showed "Summer Dreams of Bathing Beauties" in a gravel filled swimming pool at the Waco Museum of Art and at the Texas #Sculpture Symposium on Town Lake in Austin. 

The critic Dave Hickey liked our work.

Next we applied for an NEA and Texas State Grant through Trinity Kitchens, which was a part of the coop Gallery I was in called Trinity Gallery. It was on Trinity Street off 6th street in downtown #Austin.
We were funded to create "The Engagement Picnic", again a group of 8 cut outs. These depicted #family members meeting, which was a ficticious event.
Among other places, we showed that piece at the Corsicanna Warehouse Art #Gallery when I was up there doing an Artist in Residence teaching every 5th grader in the county through a Texas Art in the Schools Program.

After that I moved to California.

We were accepted to do an Artist in Residence to build our 3rd piece, "Mexican Honeymoon" at the Louisiana World's Fair in New Orleans, #summer of 1984. We showed the "Engagement Picnic" there in the Women's Art Pavilion and created "Mexican Honeymoon" while people came by to visit us. We showed the piece in Atlanta at the Peidmont Sculpture Festival with help from our friend Dave White.
So here we are in front of my side of 2 of the smaller original "Summer Dreams of Bathing Beauties" reuniting, albeit briefly in 2017, 35 years later.

The first image is a picture of the pieces from my Joyce Lieberman side and the second are the same pieces from the Staci Sipe side.