"Heathcliff", 30 x 22", acrylic on paper

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Joyce Lieberman's paintings are at the Talking Stick for the month of October! The Talking Stick is a coffee/lunch and musical venue located at 1411-C Lincoln in Venice at the corner of Lincoln and California.

With it's colorful walls and lively spirit, it's a great fit for Lieberman's huge oils from BC/Before California days in Texas and her 18 foot canvas "Trifecta" created in 3 sections with mops and brooms and other paint brushes in her Venice Garden. Lieberman is in her 29th year in Venice painting and gardening. Many of her paintings are created in the garden. One piece from her ongoing UNSTill Life series entitled "Summer" is also on view.

Other notables are her enchantment with the huge ballerina/clown at Rose and Main in the framed painting "My Barofsky". Like the famed Venice Artist Jonathon Barofsky who created the clown, Lieberman has added strings of numbers to the piece as he was known for numbering everything he made. That androgenous oversize sculpture seems to typify the Venice spirit. The piece hung in Rosendahl's office for the last five years.

$5 Palm Tree posters from Lieberman's monporint at 'St. Jives by the Sea' days are available. Ask behind the counter. There is a Framed example in the bathroom.

The Talking Stick is open days and evenings. Come by anytime to see the show or join us at the midmonth
Reception Sunday October 14th from 5-7.

Joyce Lieberman "Trifecta" 5'H x 18' W Acrylic on canvas

Joyce Lieberman "Texas Heat Fatigue Series: Interior TV Glow", 4x5' oil on canvas
and "Moonlight on the Zebra Skin Rug", 5x4' oil on canvas

Joyce Lieberman "The Masquerade: Oh! But He's So Green" 4x5' oil on canvas

Joyce Lieberman "Summer" 4x3' acrylic on canvas