"Heathcliff", 30 x 22", acrylic on paper

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Huge photographs of Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper died yesterday at 74 and everyone is talking about his movies.
I first saw his fabulous photographs printed door size of graffiti on walls in Europe at James Corcoran Gallery in Santa Monica in 1992. The show was beautiful. I had known he shot pictures of graffiti in and around Venice,Ca where we both lived but they were small and just ok. These door sized prints were evocative of decorative beautiful art and still had their travel sense of grit. I was in a room full of them at the brief lived James Corcoran gallery in Santa Monica near Nebraska & 29th.
In 2006 ACE gallery on Wilshire near La Brea (there are 2 locations)
which took up a city block of the 2nd floor of an old department store, had a huge restrospective for Dennis's photographs, some billboard size.
Many referenced his film career. There is a link to those shots in my other artists links.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kim Cheselka, Alice Neel and Jacob Samuel!

What an interesting week.
Jimm and I were invited to dinner at artist Kim Cheselka's home Tuesday night. We had homemade pasta dinner prepared by her visiting Italian brother in law who knew how to use my homegrown fennel and loved our homegrown loquats. He chopped the fresh fennel stems into the sauce and blanched the tops and added them later. See Kim's willow sculptures on my Other Artist links list.
Thursday night, we walked to L A Louver in Venice to see the Alice Neel show of figurative paintings ranging from 1940-80. The subtext of the collection was the difference in styles of dress over the years spanned.
There was a portrait of Red Grooms and one of Lionel Pauling with women at their sides. The crowd was really interesting and as we stayed in the room, everyone looked like good subject matter for one of these paintings.
Saturday night, we went to the Armand Hammer Museum in Westwood to see the newly collected Archive of etchings by Jacob Samuel. Jacob Samuel printed the works of Sam Francis before his death and has worked with over 40 artists in the last 22 years creating folios of works with each of them. He worked with Ed Moses and Ed Rushka at least twice at intervals.
It was a wonderful evening and a great opportunity to see his immense body of work. HUGE was the word that came to mind. Jacob will be giving at least 3 walkthroughs on Thursday evenings and one Sunday with different
themes to his discussions of the work. There is so much. For more info:
See my Other Artist links for Kim Cheselka, Alice Neel and Jacob Samuel.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Sweet Springtime"

"Sweet Springtime", 4x3',
NEW canvas by Joyce Lieberman.

I saw this ultra mid century table at G2 Gallery on Abbott Kinney. It was 3 tiered and kidney shaped and had cool lines I couldn't remember right so I went with semi kidney here. The actual table is a prototype by a budding local furniture designer RETROWOOD using solid burma teak with walnut legs.
G2 Gallery is a nature photopraphy gallery in Venice, California.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Got some fan mail and she had a great interview question

Rose found one of my prints at a Salvation Army in Henderson, Nevada,
copied my name down and wrote to me that I am now her favorite living artist. They must be the prints from that hung at Treasure Island on the strip in Vegas selected by Steve Wynn when he owned the hotel.
They remodel and the work just gets liquidated. Rose asked some good interview questions. My answer is first and her questions are below.

What great interview questions, those are so to the point.
I became interested in art in a serious way in the 7th grade.
I loved Vincent Van Gogh and was caught up in the romance
of being able to not conform. I painted murals and had a very good friend that discussed art and painted with me, she was influenced by Picasso.
I really didn't know that was where she was getting her info from.
She makes mosaics now. www.eraybeemosaics.com
I did study art in grade school and graduated high school as the art Student of my Class with an award.
I went to Art School within the big University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and then to Graduate Art School within the big University of Texas in Austin.
I pursued all sorts of avenues in Public Art, Teaching, Exhibiting and Curating Exhibitions.
I moved to Los Angeles in 1983 with the hopes of making my work more salable so I could earn a living from just creating it.
I met art consultants who showed me I could sell my work without exhibiting it and that most sales were outside the show situation.
I made a gazillion works on paper.
In 1990 I began to show at Pacific Gallery in Laguna Beach.
That year I started the basic black vase series and the collage series which became the "UNstill Life Series" and the "Personal Archaeology Series".
I became repped by Studio 84 West and they placed my collages and then later the "Fiesta Series" based on the "Unstill Life Series" in galleries all over the country.
Everyone thought of Matisse when they looked at them.
I started with observation of a set up still life for the first few Still Lifes and every now and again go back to that, but the true excitement of my work grew from self referencing and doing a lot of pieces, each one taking off from an earlier one.
I like to pick an earlier work to look at as I begin but I am looking for great color and movement and texture and sort of a mood more than an observation of a setup. It became like a personality that grew over time.
I love de Kooning's abstractions and Milton Avery and Matisse's use of narrative space. I love Dufy's drawing with shifting color patches underneath.
Thanks so much for asking Rose.


A couple of questions for you. Who are your favorite artists and how in the world did you learn to paint such beautiful art peices? Did you go to a art school of some kind or self taught?